• Skull & cb stud earrings
  • Skull & cb stud earrings
  • Skull & cb stud earrings
  • Skull & cb stud earrings
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Skull & Cross bones stud earrings (pair)



This little stud design is an upgraded version of a classic plain skull earring. It features a classic full skull with minimalist teeth, wide darkened eye sockets and a small nose cavity. It’s also got little bones sticking out from underneath in the classic pirate flag style. They are a low profile and lifelike earring design with a flat back and a small, silver earring post. Sold as a pair.

10.6 x 11.8mm
2 g.

Delivery & Returns

Please note that each item purchased online is handmade to your specifications in our London workshop to-order. Upon completion each item is then send to the London Assay office for the legally required hallmarks to certify the precious metal is correct and lawful.

This process means we expect to ship your item within 15 days approximately.

Delivery time may vary according to the time of the year, location or popularity of the design.

Once the item has been posted we have no control of the delivery time.

However, we will always aim to ship your item in the fastest possible time frame while still achieving a high quality standard of jewellery.