3d skull & cross bones ring (large)
3d skull & cross bones ring (large)
3d skull & cross bones ring (large)

This Large 3D Skull & Crossbones Ring is a true classic at Crazy Pig Design and a staple piece for our skull ring collection. The design features a large full face skull with a big toothy grin and two detailed crossbones underneath.  Between the crossbones we’ve added a gnarly texture which we’ve blackened to emphasise the crossbones. The ring itself is inspired by the old fashioned Jolly Roger pirate flag with a 3D twist. It’s ideal for anyone to wear and is extremely comfortable on any finger; we also have a smaller version available (Ref #103.)

3d skull & cross bones ring (large)

24.8 x 21.4mm
28,5 g.


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£ 210