Mexican rosary necklace

The Mexican Rosary Necklace is a beautifully detailed design with an intricate chain of tiny whole skulls and roses. The majority of the chain is made up by skulls with a select number of roses spaced out in between. At the bottom is our rosary Heart with wings either-side and flames coming out of the top. Below this is a separate string of links with a large Rosary Cross hanging from the bottom. At the back the necklace is attacked around the neck using a triggered, dolphin clasp which is reliable and easy to use. Fans of this Rosary Necklace might enjoy some of our custom Rosary necklaces only available in our Covent Garden shop – please email in to for pictures, details and pricing.

Mexican Rosary Necklace

600mm ar neck/140.6f, ht to cross
102 g.


£ 1,080